Thursday, 13 September 2018

Obverse of Republic India definitive coins

Till now, definitive coins of India have been issued with three types of obverse. A lot of variation can be seen in obverse of commemorative coins, which i shall write about in future posts.

Type one -

Coins of the Anna series - One Pice, Half Anna, One Anna, Two Annas, Quarter Rupee, Half Rupee and One Rupee of 1950 and 1954 have this obverse.

Type two -

This type can be seen only in the Half Rupee of 1956 ( KM # 6.3). The legend GOVERNMENT OF INDIA is not separated with dots as in type one. Lion varies in height and width.

Type three -

Type three has been the standard obverse design of definitive coins since the introduction of decimal system in 1957. Variations can be seen in rim design, shape of coin and size of lion.

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